Babolat ( pronounced Babol ) - a company based in Lyon ( France ) in 1875. Old company specializing in the production for tennis. Easily recognizable double line on the surface of the racket string - company logo.

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Le Coq Sportif ( racing coq )-a French company engaged in the production of sports shoes and equipment, was founded in 1882. Company logo is a cock in the red triangle.

In 1985 Technogym launched its first complete strength training line, and in 1986 it presented Unica, a home trainer. Then, in 1990, the company added its first cardiovascular training line. In 2000 it launched the Selection line and in 2002 it launched Excite, the first cardiovascular training line with an integrated TV screen. In 2000 Technogym was nominated official supplier for athletic training equipment at the Olympic Games in Sydney.Since then the company has been an official supplier for numerous other Olympic Games, including Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008 and London 2012 (nominated on July 13, 2010).In July 2014 Technogym partnered with industrial designer Antonio Citterio to create a sleek line of home gym equipment. The Kinesis Personal Vision line integrates tablets that run a program called VISIOWEB that runs on an Android platform 

In August 2014, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, announced it was choosing Technogym as an exclusive supplier. 

Today, Technogym is world leader in the Fitness and Wellness solutions sector and has equipped 65,000 wellness centres and over 100,000 homes around the world. It is estimated that approximately 35 million people use Technogym products every day. The company employs about 2,200 people in 14 branches across Europe, the Unites States, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and South America and exports 90% of what is manufactured to over 100 countries.